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Dal passato
rivolti al futuro

From the past turned to the future

We reveal to you the secrets behind our logo.

If Venetica represents who we are, then the logo is our visiting card.

I anticipate this: our logo does not encompass a single meaning, but is rather the fusion of several meanings. We make everything we do simple and natural but to make it so there is a job that is anything but easy!

First things first

Let's start with the logotype.

the V and A intersect, forming a star. But it is not just that: In sacred geometry, the EXAGRAM represents a figure of balance and balancing of forces. The union of the macrocosm with the microcosm.

The name

Why Venetica Arti?

Thousand-year roots: The earliest inscriptions in the "Venetic" language date from 500 B.C.; there are about 200 dating from the 5th to 1st centuries B.C.

They are all those Crafts, experience and skills used in the working of any noble material.


A play on words:

VENETO: name of our region
 ETHICS: our values

Our brand identity


The set of textual and visual elements make up its interlingual code.

They thus recall:
- experience
- seriousness
- quality
- origins


Authoritative and distinguished in creating of products with a soul and quality.
- dynamic
- ethical
- artistic
 - poetic
- free


With a history dating back before 500 B.C., the sense of taste, of creation and "done well" is in the DNA of the Veneti.
- veneto
- eternal products


Our consumer seeks true excellence in all things and situations. It is distinguished only in some very specific characteristics such as the pursuit of beauty and aestheticism. Our consumer is tired of static products that lack soul and character.


We make our customer feel like a true connoisseur, willing to spend because confident of the excellence of ideas, poems, materials and workmanship.
- with style
- exclusive
- different


"Seeker," the archetype is activated in the form of an inexplicable impatience toward the known, the usual, the ordinary, fueled by a desire for something new: it is the spirit of seeking.

Well, now you know all about our logo!

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